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The Ichthyosis Organization in Sweden was founded in 1988 by some parents who had children with ichthyosis. Today we are 612 members, both persons in different ages with the diagnosis and their relatives.

The organization is divided into 12 regions. Each member belongs to a geographic region and is invited to meetings in the local region and/or to meetings arrange by the organization one or several times a year.

A selection of what we do!

- arrange meetings and events for members

- annual meeting for all members

- publish a membership journal 3-4 times a year were we cover news from research on ichthyosis and information from the regions. Usually we also have a theme in each number.

- participate in medical seminars and congresses with information/brochures and exhibition

- influence authorities, labour market, schools, kinder gardens among others to improve treatment of persons with ichthyosis and to increase the competence of personnel working with persons with the disease and their relatives

- give information about the organization and ichthyosis to care institutions as well as to the public society.

The organization has opened an office in 2007 just outside Stockholm and one person, Helene Reuterwall, is employed there.

The address is: Iktyosföreningen, Box 1386, 172 27 Sundbyberg, Sweden.
Tel: 46-8-546 404 51