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The Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) was formed in 1997 by people impacted (in some way) by ichthyosis to create a network of parents, sufferers and medics to help individuals and families affected by the condition.

The Support Group was set up to help sufferers and families affected by ichthyosis.
We currently do the following for our members:
  • Provide a quarterly newletter.
  • Put forward your questions to our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) which is comprised of some of the UK's leading dermatologists.
  • We have a National Contact who is normally the first person that new members will speak to.
  • A network of Regional Representatives who will keep in touch with members in their areas.
  • We attend Skin Information Days that are held all over the Uk and run by the Skin Care Campaign to help raise awareness of the ichthyosis family of conditions.
  • We also attend the annual British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) Conference to help raise the profile of the support group

Ichthyosis Support Group
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