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Founded in 1996 by some three families the patient organisation grew very fast and in order to be able to attend all affected and their families better, in 1997 regional divisions were built.

By now there are almost 400 families member of the Selbsthilfe Ichthyose e.V. which means, that we have reached a huge amount of Ichthyosis patients in Germany.

Our aims all serve to improve life and living situation of the patients and their families, so we

  • Collect knowledge about systemic and topic therapies to publish these to our members
  • Help to deal with authorities, health insurances, schools, kindergardens, etc.
  • Offer practical help, for example, how to treat the different types of Ichthyosis
  • Enable exchange of experiences by offering meetings, organising seminars and regional events

The annual meeting 2009 took place in Olpe, Nordrhein-Westfahlen. The next general annual meeting will be

  • 8th until oct 10th 2010 in Dassel nearby Gottingen, Niedersachsen

Now, by being part of the ENI, the European Network for Ichthyosis, we hope to reach even more German speaking Ichthyosis patients all over Europe.

German Ichthyosis Association
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