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Our mission

The European Network for Ichthyosis is an international patients network run by national European patients associations.
eni is a common voice for ichthyosis patients and a partner for authorities on a European level.

Our work on joint activities is enabled by a mailing list permitting discussions, the exchange of experiences and ideas.

All European Ichthyosis patients associations are cordially invited to join eni, to present themselves on the eni web-site and to develop joint activities.

Our members

Asociación Espańola de Ictiosis Asociación Espańola de Ictiosis ASIC
Portugal ASPORI Associaçăo Portuguesa De Portadores De Ictiose
France Association Ichtyose France - AIF
Ireland Ichthyosis In Ireland
Belgium Ichthyosis Foundation Ichthyosis Stichting België v.z.w
Fondation Ichtyosis Belgique a.s.b.l.
UK Ichthyosis Support Group Ichthyosis Support Group
Norsk Keratoseforening Iktyoseforeningen I Norge
Iktyosföreningen i Sverige Iktyosföreningen
Iktyosisforeningen i Danmark Iktyosisforeningen i Danmark
Poland Polskie Stowarzyszenie Ichthyosis
Polish Ichthyosis Society (PSI)
German Ichthyosis Association Selbsthilfe Ichthyose e.V.
Suomen Iktyoosiyhdistys Suomen Iktyoosiyhdistys
Unione Italiana Ittiosi Unione Italiana Ittiosi - UNITI
Swiss Ichthyosis Association VIS | Vereinigung Ichthyose Schweiz
AIS | Association Ichtyose Suisse
USI | Unione Svizzera Ittiosi