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The Belgium Ichthyosis Foundation is a society without any pursuit of profit founded in 1997.

Ichthyosis is a hereditary skin condition, causing insufficient skin hydration. The skin becomes very dry, loses a lot of flexibility, which can often be painful to the patient. Many patients affected with Ichthyosis scarcely perspire. This can make their bodies overheat. On a superficial level, the skin may look like having severe burns. The word “Ichthyosis” is derived from the Greek word “Ichthys” meaning “fish”. As yet, no cure has been found for this genetic skin disease.

Belgium Ichthyosis Foundation

Our target is to stand up for the individual and common interests of Ichthyosis patients and our activities include passing through information to the medical world, the guidance of parents and patients and stimulate scientific research.

The organization is supported by various universities, some of them are abroad.

During our eleven years of existence, we have hosted different colloquia and participated in colloquia in foreign countries.
A refund for the daily care is not available for ichthyosis patients in Belgium, therefore their financial status is often far from excellent. This is why patients do not have to pay a membership fee and why all our events are free for children, accompanied by one supervisor.

The Belgium Ichthyosis foundation is not support by the government.

Belgium Ichthyosis Foundation